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What will the best removal company do when you move house?

What will the best removal company do when you move house?

When moving home, we understand that you want to choose a removals company who are experienced, reputable and will take the utmost care with your belongings. Whilst these are common wishes, in practice it can be hard to identify which companies are worth their salt. To help you pick a trustworthy company, we’ve put together some things to look out for in a removals service which are signs you’ve chosen well.

Carry out a survey

A good removals company will offer you a home survey before giving you a quote to ensure that the final figure is as accurate as possible. It can be hard to judge just how much stuff you will be moving before it’s been boxed up, but a trained surveyor will be able to give you a good estimation. The survey should be quite comprehensive and run through every room of your home, including the garage and loft.

What will the best removal company do when you move house

Discuss your move with you

Your removals company should take the time to try and understand your unique moving situation and establish what your needs will be. Each home move is different – do you have children? Pets? A valuable collection of weighty antiques? Through discussing your circumstances, a company will be able to make sure that they can accommodate your needs, whether that is a longer time slot than usual, involves specialist removals equipment or requires a lot of packing materials.

At this point, your removals company should also ask about your moving schedule. Completion dates and an expected moving day will be useful even if you are unsure of your definitive relocation date and will let you get an idea of availability.

Offer a packing service

As part of a comprehensive service, a removals company should be able to offer you a packing service and the provision of quality packing materials. The packing service should be tailored to your needs, covering anything from an entire home to just your most fragile items. Alternatively, if you want to pack yourself, it can be very helpful to get clean and reliable packing materials delivered.

Lay out costs and insurance clearly

A good removals company will clearly explain quotes and readily give you a breakdown of costs. Any extra costs for additional services should be set out plainly. Insurance options, levels of cover and prices should also be offered and explained. A removals service inevitably involves risk, even with the most experienced of professionals. Insurance for your belongings can, therefore, give you peace of mind that you won’t be left at a loose end should an accident happen.

Well trained staff and BAR registered

A smooth, professional relocation service is dependent upon the team carrying it out and it is, therefore, vital that the removals crew are well trained. Training will involve many factors, including packing techniques for valuable or unusual items and proper handling practices. Another sign of a reputable company is registration with the British Association of Removers (BAR), as this signifies they meet industry-level standards.


Britannia Sandersteads is an expert in removals, having helped customers both domestic and commercial successfully relocate for over 50 years. Whether you’re moving a mile down the road or across the world, our experienced and skilled team can help you get there smoothly. We have built a strong reputation throughout our local area – including Croydon, Surrey, Kingston upon Thames, Epsom and London. Simply get in touch with our helpful team today to discuss your move.


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