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Our commitment to offering fair, transparent and reliable moves has led us to obtain many of the industry’s most esteemed accreditations. These accreditations have been awarded to us as a result of passing strict tests of quality standards as employed by industry-governing bodies, cementing our status as a premier moving company.

From recognition of our domestic moving services through the Verification British Association, to the certification of our international moves through FAIMplus, our accreditations are extensive. We believe these certifications illustrate our ethical business practices, reliable customer service and our standing within the global market. Take a look below to learn more about our accreditations.

Britannia Sandersteads are members of Britannia Movers International PLC and it is BMI PLC that have the membership/accreditations to FAIM Plus, FIDA and IAM. But as members we ship all around the world through BMI PLC and thus this becomes an extension to our services/membership.

Verification British Association

The British Association of Removers is the most recognised voice of the professional moving industry. They are dedicated to promoting moving businesses that are reputable, professional and safe. The Association issue businesses that meet these standards with a verification badge and status as an official BAR member or BAR approved partner, and they assist their members in continuing their practices by providing a wealth of essential services.



FAIMplus focus exclusively on international moves. Moving a customer from one country to another can be a highly complex procedure that demands meticulous planning and the approach of a professional, reliable moving company. FAIMplus is based on ‘The FAIM Standard’, defining clear and consistent quality requirements which a company must comply with to become an accredited partner. FAIM is held by more than 500 moving companies in over 100 countries, all of whom must undergo a number of on-site compliance procedures to secure their status.


BSI British Standards

BSI British Standards is the National Standards Body of the UK, crediting businesses of all types with certifications of excellent business practice. In addition, it develops and sells standardisation solutions to support businesses in reaching these high standards, helping to develop business practices throughout the entire nation’s industries.

Fidi logo


FIDI is the global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies, specialising in the quality practices involved in international moving services. FIDI requires moving companies to undergo a periodic independent assessment of their inter-continental moving activities via an independent audit every three years. This will enable moving companies to becomes FIDI-FAIM certified,

IAM Logo

IAM, formerly known as hhgfaa (Household goods forwarders Association of America)

Comprising over 2000 companies from over 165 countries and territories, The International Association of Movers signify strength, trust, diversity, ethics, reliability and accountability within the moving industry. Affiliators are proven to offer reliable moving services and follow a strict code of ethics to ensure that these standards are maintained.

MTC Logo

Movers Trading Club

The Movers Trading Club Ltd is a Foreign (non-USA) based Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) registered with the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), being fully licenced and bonded under FMC Bond No: 027552.

The Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman (FHIO)

The Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman (FHIO)

The Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman (FHIO) are an independent, non-profit organisation set up to resolve disputes between consumers and traders within the retail, furniture and home improvement industries. They handle complaints made against BAR members, making them an important asset to customers looking for reliable moving services. Customers can feel confident that any disputes with their moving company will be fairly resolved by a reputable, non-profit organisation.