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Office Removals Guide

Relocating to a new office comes with a whole other set of considerations, as you are not just moving yourself but your entire business and staff.

Careful planning is the best way to ensure a smooth and stress-free office move, so start early. Download our useful checklist to help remind you of each important step of the process…

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Six Weeks Before…

  • Take accurate measurements of your new office space to help determine the layout out of your furniture and equipment.

Four Weeks Before…

  • Get in touch with Britannia Sandersteads for a survey and quote to determine your needs.
  • Book your moving date with us.
  • If necessary, order new furniture that will be appropriate to the layout and environment of your new office.
  • Arrange for new phone lines, internet connections and other communication systems – if you have an IT support company, they may be able to help.
  • Research a security company to perform a survey of your new space, offering advice regarding the security systems you will require.

Three Weeks Before Moving…

Inform all utilities and service providers of your relocation, including:

  • Electricity suppliers
  • Gas suppliers
  • Bank/mortgage lenders
  • Internet providers
  • Telephone companies
  • Local councils

Other people that will need to be made aware of your new address include:

  • Clients
  • Any IT support connected to your business
  • Maintenance/cleaning companies
  • Stationary companies (for new letterheads, business cards etc.)

Two Weeks Before Moving…

  • Redirect all phone numbers (unless you have arranged to keep your existing ones).
  • Organise a postal redirect for the move date.
  • Have all internet, phone lines, electrical wiring and lighting put in place while the office is empty.
  • Similarly, check all plumbing and kitchen/bathroom facilities are fully operational.
  • If your move date changes, contact Britannia Sandersteads to arrange for storage of your furniture, computer equipment and files.

One Week Before Moving…

  • Setup any newly purchased furniture and equipment so that it is ready.
  • Arrange for Britannia Sandersteads to provide moving boxes and crates.
  • Organise your IT support company’s setup of all server components.

Two Days Before Moving…

  • Arrange for Sandersteads to dismantle all furniture and reassemble it in position at your new office ready for use.
  • Have your staff empty their desk items into the crates ready for Sandersteads to move.
  • Organise a final clean of your old office once cleared, and have your new one cleaned while it is still empty.

Moving Day…

  • Make sure you have a detailed plan about where each department/staff team will be positioned in the new office, and direct the removals team accordingly when placing the crates and furniture.
  • Let Britannia Sandersteads do all the hard work while your employees settle in to their new surroundings.