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When is the Best Time to Move House?

When is the Best Time to Move House?

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When it comes to moving house, whether you’re buying, renting or moving abroad, you will come to realise that there is never an ideal time for when to move, however there can be a preferred time of year to arrange your move.

This comes down to your own personal preferences and other circumstances in your life that could affect your removals process. But in general terms of what time of year is more preferable to move, we’ve put together a list of the seasons and outlined the pros and cons for moving during this time.



•    Moving in January can be a great time to take your ‘new start, new me’ motto and actually put it into effect with a brand new fresh start in your new house.

•    When the weather is bad we tend to spend most of our time indoors anyway, so moving house could be a convenient time to move in terms of spending all your time indoors, unpacking, renovating, re-decorating etc.


•    The move could end up taking place over the Christmas period which is without doubt the busiest time of year for anyone and can sometimes be unsettling for young children (you might find yourself having to answer questions about Santa Clause to reassure your children he knows of your new address!)

•    Even if you move after Christmas in January, most of the preparation and organisation will still need to be done throughout December.

•    Potential bad weather can cause problems for the removals process. Icy and snowy weather can make loading and unloading vans a much slower and more cautious process and could also lead to delays with the move if roads are closed off.



•    The weather is much better which will help the removals process go according to plan in terms of no turbulent weather interruptions (hopefully!).

•    The children will be off school during their summer holidays, so they could help you in terms of unpacking and carrying the lighter and less valuable boxes to and from the removals van.


•    If we have an particularly hot summer, the weather can be a drag on getting any work done as it can leave you feel exhausted, hot and stuffy and possibly dehydrated if you aren’t careful to keep drinking fluids throughout the day.

•    Depending on your personal preferences, having the children around could be more of a hindrance than a help. You could have them hanging around claiming they’re bored and don’t know what to do with themselves which will only slow you down and prevent you from getting on with things.

•    If you have any summer holidays arranged you will have to plan this into the move and work around it which could delay things.

Autumn and Spring

Having discussed the ups and downs of moving house during the winter and summer months, it seems that moving in Autumn or Spring is most favourable for a number of reasons:

•    The weather is neither to one extreme of the scale and is, for the majority of the time, rather mild and pleasant which will cause no, or minimal, disruption to the move.

•    There are no large public holidays to consider, so in this sense there should be no huge disruptions to your organising and making arrangements.

•    There are a couple of half term holidays to consider if you have children, but none of which are for any lengthy period of time, so if you’d rather do it when the kids are in school you should be able to factor this in fairly easily.

The main things to consider when preparing for a move is that you are using a reliable and reputable removals company who have the experience and expertise to make sure everything goes ahead smoothly without any mishaps or disruptions.

Here at Britannia Sandersteads we have over 50 years of experience in successfully managing home removals and our fully qualified team of removals experts will be on hand throughout all stages to make sure everything goes to plan and schedule, making it a stress-free move for all involved.

For further information about our removals services, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today who will be more than happy to help.


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