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What are the Main Reasons People Move House?

What are the Main Reasons People Move House?


In life, people are constantly relocating and moving on. It can be easy to assume that everyone moves for the same reasons as yourself, but that’s not reflective of the truth. Everyone’s situation is different and many of us have external influences and personal circumstances which determine our decision to uproot and move house.

Britannia Sandersteads have done some research into the most common reasons why people move house, so let’s take a closer look…

Not enough space

Many first time buyers tend to buy a small property that is just the right size for them and is as much as they can afford at the time. As people become more affluent and families grow, it is inevitable that first time buyers will outgrow their first home and need to move in order to find a family home that can offer the extra space they need.

Too much space

Alternatively, there are couples whose children have grown up, gone to university or moved out, leaving them with a family home that is now far too big for just the two of them. Moving to downsize into a smaller home or perhaps a modern bungalow is common for married couples of 50+.


People decide to move in together and therefore have to sell up their own houses if they own property. Similarly, couples separate and sell the property if one does not want to – or cannot afford to – remain in the house on their own.


As people grow older, many careers can flourish leading to an increase in regular income, so they can afford to move into a property that is more lavish and suits their needs and desires more. Careers can also be the cause for people to relocate. If a job opportunity comes up that is too good to pass by, some people would consider it worth relocating for.


For many, being close to the family is of high importance. Whether it’s children who have grown up and want to be close to ageing parents, or grandparents who want to be closer to their grandchildren, to help out with school runs, day care etc. This can be a good enough reason to relocate for many families.

Moving house can be a tough time for anyone. There’s the stress of finding the right property and then worrying whether there could have been something else out there better than the one you’ve gone for. Then there’s the legalities that come with it, the reality of having to pack the entire contents of your life up into boxes – it can all be extremely daunting and overwhelming for the best of us. But with the help from a professional removals company such as Britannia Sandersteads, we can take a lot of that stress off your hands.


Britannia Sandersteads

With over 50 years’ experience in the removals industry, we cover areas including Kingston Upon Thames, Dorking, Chelsea and many other UK regions in order to reach as many of our customers as possible, offering them full assistance from beginning to end with their move. For information on how we can help with your relocation, please get in touch with us today.


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