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How to Unpack Quickly after Moving

How to Unpack Quickly after Moving

So, you’ve moved into your wonderful new home but you’re still faced with heaps of cardboard boxes to sort. Before you can enjoy your new abode, you need to unpack to make it truly feel like home. However, this is a task few people relish and many will want to get it over and done with as soon as possible. To help you achieve this, our experts have some unpacking tips and tricks for a quick and efficient move in.

How to unpack quickly after moving


Effective preparation can make unpacking considerably easier and quicker. Firstly, by clearly labelling your boxes, you can make unpacking a lot simpler. Clearly labelled boxes – including destined room and contents – can be a godsend, helping you to organise your boxed belongings in your new home and preventing frustrating and time-consuming rifling to find specific items.

Amongst your organised boxes, include an ‘essentials’ box to open first when you move. This should include all things you might need for the first day or so, all in one place, such as toiletries, a change of clothes, toilet paper, a towel, phone charger, snacks and, if your bed isn’t going to be delivered immediately, an air mattress. A couple of lightbulbs, your assembly tools for furnishings and general cleaning products will also be handy.


Before you start unpacking your possessions into your new property, you will likely want to give the place a clean; if you can get in and clean before moving day, even better. Your new home may have been cleared by the previous tenants but for your peace of mind and to give yourself a shiny new start, cleansing the place yourself won’t go amiss. If you’ve kept all your key cleaning products and equipment in one box, this should be a straightforward enough task.

Direct your moving company

Your removals company can help you get all your belongings into their place. Labelling your boxes with the corresponding room will be a big help for the removals team, allowing them to unload your possessions into the right location. If you direct the movers for large pieces of furniture – such as sofas, tables and appliances – they will literally do the heavy lifting for you, meaning all you will have to do is shuffle these pieces into place.

Prioritise your rooms

There are some things which you will need fast, and some things which can easily be left boxed up for a while with no detriment to your everyday life. By prioritising your items effectively according to need, you can make your unpacking a lot more efficient, ensuring your new home is livable as soon as possible.

We would recommend unpacking key bedroom items first – where necessary, reassembling your bed and making it up. After a long day of moving, you will definitely be in need of a comfortable night’s sleep! Next, look to unpack bathroom items, then your kitchen cookware (a takeaway on your first evening will be a welcome treat anyway!) and then items which belong in the living room. Extra rooms such as the dining room and study are low priority and can be left until last.


Finally, although everyone will be keen to get into a new home, this time can be disruptive for children. If you have young kids, it can be best to have them stay at a family member’s or friend’s until you’ve somewhat unpacked and organised. You don’t want to unnecessarily unsettle them during the moving madness and in any case, this way you can focus all your energies on unpacking.


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