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Top tips: keeping safe and secure when moving house

Top tips: keeping safe and secure when moving house

When moving house, there is no denying that the whole removals process is rather taxing on the body and the mind. Stress is an emotion often felt, along with the physical strain of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking – it can take it’s toll on the best of us! And that’s not to mention the safety aspect of your property, ensuring your new home is secure and ready for you to move into.

Moving house secure packing

Secure packing


1) Try to pack the heaviest items in smaller boxes, as it makes them easier to transport.

2) Pack one room at a time, this way you won’t get confused over what items for what room, went in which box!

3) Label everything – instead of listing every item on the label, just write which room the box needs to go in once in the new house e.g. ‘KITCHEN’.

Here at Britannia Sandersteads, we offer a seamless packing service that includes all the relevant packing materials, and our experienced team take the utmost care in making sure your belongings are transported carefully and respectfully.
Staying safe on moving day

1) Keep high traffic areas such as hallways free from objects that could be hazardous and increase the risk of an accident happening.

2) If roles are not delegated, people will get in each others way so make sure everyone is given a specific job and knows what they are doing. Hopefully this will avoid collisions and help speed things up!

3) Make sure everyone is wearing the right clothes for the job. Try to avoid baggy clothing, such as loose sleeves that could get easily snagged and caught on things. Heavy boots with a good grip are essential as they help in wet or icy conditions and also protect feet incase heavy items are accidentally dropped.
Child-proof your new home

1) For young children who can crawl and walk, fitting safety gates to the bottom and top of the staircase in your new home should be your number one priority.

2) Wide opening windows need to be fitted with a window lock, including the ones on the ground floor.

3) Don’t forget about outside the property too – check the garden, make sure there is secure fencing in place and other safety measures, such as protection from open waters and a gate at the end of the drive for a barrier against the road etc.
Check for dangerous areas

1) Try to spot any uneven paving or slabs. If you do notice anything, highlight the area using a cone, or chalk so everyone will be aware.

2) If you’re moving on a rainy or snowy day, wet and slippery indoor surfaces can pose a huge hazard, so it’s worth investing in an anti-slip mat at the entrance of any doorways the removals team will be using.

3) It’s worth forward planning and looking at where the removals van can park so it is closest to the house. You could even reserve the spot with cones, so on the day, there won’t be any confusion over where is best to park.

Bearing these few things in mind, prior to your move, will give you added peace of mind, and will hopefully help the move go ahead as smoothly as possible!

For a removals company with professionally trained staff to help assist with your move, please contact Britannia Sandersteads. We offer a national coverage of over 40 UK locations, so if you’re planning a move, simply give us a call today.


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