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Top 5 International removals FAQs

Top 5 International removals FAQs

Organising any move, whether for home or work, around the corner or to the other end of the country can be an extremely busy time, so you can imagine how much harder an international move is to plan. If you haven’t considered every fine detail, it can end up being a rather stressful time.

The team at Britannia Sandersteads are specialists when it comes to executing the smoothest international moves, so we’ve put together some of our most FAQs from our customers, so you can know some of what to expect from an international move with a professional removals company.

1. When should I first contact an international removals company?

The earlier the better but ideally 3 months would be the perfect amount of time. This way, a move consultation can be arranged and there is plenty of time for all the planning and paperwork to take place, without rushing against the clock.

2. What will the quote include?

This will differ from company to company but on the whole, the following tends to be included in a quotation:

  • Delivery of cartons to your current address so you can begin pre-packing any personal items.
  • Onsite export packing and wrapping from our professionals using high grade eco-friendly export materials.
  • Removal of goods from your home in the UK to UK port/airport
  • International shipment to the destination’s port/airport (including port charges)
  • Normal customs and quarantine clearance
  • Delivery of goods to new residence (providing there is easy access)
  • Unpacking and unwrapping services for furniture and cartons at time of delivery and to remove waste materials.

3. What if I exceed the volume for shipment?

Additional items can be loaded in the container if there is enough space left. If there isn’t sufficient space for the other items, they will be returned to the depot and will follow on in the next available shared container. Additional charges will apply. There may also be additional customer and quarantine inspection charges if they cannot all fit into one container.

4. What items am I not allowed in shipment?

There are some items that will not be accepted in shipment containers. These include:

– Creams and liquids
– Food
– Jewellery, precious stones, coin collections
– Alcohol and drugs
– Explosives and flammable glasses
– Lithium batteries
– Poisons and toxins
– Gas cylinders and aerosol cans
– Ink and printer cartridges
– Guns and ammunition

Please note this list is not exhaustive.

5. Can I ship my car too?

Yes, your car can be shipped overseas too, but subject to your country of destination and a suitable import permit. It can either be shipped as part of your household goods or separately. If it is shipped together with your other belongings, we can make sure they are separate within the same container by using protective casings where needed. This is obviously the most cost effective option.


So, now you know the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about international moves, but if you have any other questions or would like to know more about what services Britannia Sandersteads can offer you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us today.


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