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The Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home

The Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home


Whether you’re putting your home on the market tomorrow, or getting ready for making the move in the future, it’s worth thinking about how you can boost its value to reap a better asking price. 

increase value of your home

In this article, we’ll explore both easy, quick-fixes to improve your home that won’t cost the earth, along with some more long-term improvements to bump up an asking price in a bigger way.

Quick fixes to increase the value of your home 

Consider if there are any quick and affordable jobs you can do around the house to boost its appeal. Not only will this get tasks off your tick-list, but will also impress potential buyers during viewings.

Here are some things to consider:

Getting small jobs done 

Wardrobe door a little wonky? Peeling wallpaper? Or maybe you haven’t got round to putting up that shelf? If your busy life has resulted in odd-jobs being pushed back, preparing your home for sale is the perfect time to get them sorted. Completing these cheap, simple tasks can make all the difference when getting your home looking its absolute best.

Painting & decorating 

A lick of paint goes a long way, and if your home is looking tired, faded and generally showing its age, applying a fresh coat of paint is a relatively cheap way to give it a facelift in time for buyers to visit. You may also wish to add polish and finishes to other surfaces to make it look as good as new, and might also want to consider updating or replacing your soft furnishings to give your home a new lease of life.

Gardening & landscaping

Make sure your exterior spaces look just as good as your interiors. If you’re not the green-fingered sort, gardens can quickly become overgrown and a little unkempt to say the least. However, it might not take as much time, effort or cost as you think to get it looking its best. Trimming trees and bushes takes an afternoon’s work, and it might also be worth taking a trip to the garden centre for some potted plants – it’s surprising what a few well-placed flowers can do to refresh and beautify an outdoor space.


Decluttering is an easy way to reclaim space in your home and, in some cases, rediscover the beauty of your rooms. It’s also an essential when setting your home up for house viewing. Removals companies, such as Britannia Sandersteads, provide secure and affordable self-storage units to store away your clutter and seasonal items on a temporary basis to keep your home freed up whilst viewings are taking place.

Higher-value ways to boost your home value 

If you’re serious about selling, it’s wise to consider some more long-term and high-value changes to your home. While these improvements do involve some initial investment, they are likely to boost your asking price in a bigger way when compared to quick, cheap fixes.

Here are some to consider:

Re-wiring the property

If you’re going down this avenue, it’s imperative to do this before any other cosmetic projects, as re-wiring can cause a little disruption to the home. Re-wiring a home is a great way to update the electrical system in your property to keep it safe and efficient, and is also a chance to jazz up lighting and add more handy plug sockets throughout.

Loft conversions

Homes across the UK have a goldmine of space and potential sitting under the roof – their lofts. Both attics and lofts can be transformed to maximise space in your home, and have been used for all sorts of purposes depending on the homeowner’s needs: this includes an extra bedroom, study space, games room, hobby room, home studio, gym, and an array of other uses. A loft conversion can potentially add between 15 – 25% more value to your property, so they are definitely worth considering. In the meantime, you can enjoy this extra space until it’s time to sell up.

Overhaul your home’s exterior 

First impressions count. Think of your home’s exterior in the same way as a suit for an interview – by revamping the exterior of your property, this will make a positive statement to potential buyers. Ideas for exterior improvements could include a new driveway, front door or garage to spruce up its appearance and give it a new, modern look. Also check over your roof health and ensure there is no moss overgrowth, sagging or missing tiles.

New flooring

Worn carpets can be a turn-off for buyers, and there may also be hygiene worries with this type of flooring. Hard wooden or tile floors are better choices, as they present a contemporary feel whilst being very easy to clean and maintain – a big selling point for any home.

When it comes time to sell up, Britannia Sandersteads make the whole process run smoothly thanks to our reliable, friendly removals service and our secure storage units. Whether you’re moving down the road or across the seas, we offer a professional service every time. Discover more about our services by getting in touch with our friendly team today. 


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