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The benefits to furniture storage

The benefits to furniture storage

If you’ve not used or even heard of furniture storage before, then you might find this article rather insightful…


furniture storage

Furniture storage is a way that you can conveniently store large (or small) items for however long you need. We have over 1,300 storage containers which will safely and securely hold your furniture as a long term solution for the foreseeable future.

Moving House

When you’re moving house or if you’re redecorating a room, you can suddenly realize that you don’t have enough space for your furniture when the room (or even house) isn’t ready yet. Instead of stressing about getting things done faster, why not use furniture storage? It’s a great way to keep your items in a safe place and it means you can make the best use of your time.

There are many reasons you may want to use furniture storage to keep your items safe – perhaps you’re planning on moving and the completion date is pushed back and you need a place to keep your items whilst you figure everything else out. It’s always frustrating when that happens, which is why furniture storage is so simple and useful.


Moving Abroad

You may be going abroad for an extended period of time and want to know that your furniture will be kept in a safe location, which is why furniture storage can be the best and most reassuring decision. While you’re away you can relax in peace, knowing that your furniture is well looked after.
Alternative Arrangements

Maybe you’ve got a family member coming to stay for a while and they’ll be taking over your living room – if you want to allow for more space, you can store your furniture away from your house to make the best use of your temporary living arrangements.
Garden Furniture

It’s not just home furniture that can be stored; you can put garden furniture into storage too. Whether it’s because you’ve moved house and don’t have as much garden space as before, or just want to keep it dry and in good condition when the months get colder, it’s a great way to keep it out of the way for as long as you require.



You also might be moving and trying to sell your house – it can be much more appealing if the potential buyers can see the full space without the clutter of furniture. This can especially be the case if you’ve got a fairly small living space, so why not show off your property by storing your furniture?


Britannia Sandersteads

furniture storage services

If you’re looking for furniture storage in London, look no further than Britannia Sandersteads who have got you covered. We’re a trusted and expert team and we know how important it is to look after your furniture. We will ensure that the furniture is wrapped securely, then we’ll load it into the container and seal it up. Don’t worry though, the service is as secure as can be, with CCTV recording and an alarm to keep your valuables locked away and monitored for your own peace of mind, until you are ready to return them back to your home.


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