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Student Housing Essentials

Student Housing Essentials

If you’re off to uni this year, then firstly, congratulations; you’re going to have the best years of your life there! Secondly, you will now have lots of organising to do in order to get yourself packed up and ready to move out!

If you’ve started compiling a list of things you need, that’s great, but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to take with you and what to leave behind as everyone is different and each halls of residence will supply different things i.e. microwave, kettle and toaster, so it might be worth checking this first.


Home away from home

Our homes are our comfort zones,  consisting of essential items and personal bits and bobs that hold sentimental value to us. To make your student accommodation your ‘home away from home’, you’ll need a mixture of the two, so here’s a list of the essential items you’ll need in order to get by, as well as those that will help brighten the place up and get you settled in quicker.


Essentials – Things that your accommodation will not provide

Bedding & towels

– Duvet

– Mattress protector

– Bottom sheets

– Quilt covers

– Pillow cases

– Blanket

– Hand towels

– Bath towels



– TV

– Laptop

– Camera

– Ipod and speakers

– Mobile phone

– USB stick

– Hair dryer & straighteners



– Baking trays (mixture of small, medium and large roasting trays)

– Set of saucepans

– Frying pan

– Tin opener

– Bottle opener

– Cheese grater

– Vegetable peeler

– Measuring jug

– Chopping board

– Potato masher

– Colander

– Chopping knives

– Mixing bowl

– Knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons

– Spatula

– Glasses

– Wine glasses

– Mugs

– Plates (small and large)

– Bowls



– Pens

– Pencils

– Highlighters

– Rubber

– Pencil sharpener

– Ruler

– Calculator

– Notepads

– Hole puncher

– Ring binders/folders

– Folder dividers

– Diary

– Tea towels

– Bin bags

– Tin foil

– Washing-up liquid

– Clean products

– Tupperwares

– Coat hangers

– Door stop (prop your bedroom door open to be more sociable!)

– First aid kit

– Ear plugs

– Wash basket


Optional – Things that you might want to take to make it homelier

– Family photos

– Fairy lights

– Posters

– Pin board

– Vase and flowers

– Hot water bottle

– Room sprays (familiar ones you may use at home)

– Decorative cushions

– Rug

– Ornaments

Obviously this is just a rough list to give you an idea of things you should remember. There will be your own personal things things you want to add to the list too, but feel free to use this as a general checklist to help your move to university go as smoothly as possible.

With everything on this list – and more!- it will no doubt accumulate to more than a car loads worth. At Britannia Sandersteads, we offer an excellent, national man & van service. Our experienced team will look after your personal belongings, ensuring everything gets moved safely to your new location.  To find out more about our expert removals service and how we can help assist with your move to university, please get in touch with us today.


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