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Stress Free Removals to Spain

Stress Free Removals to Spain


Whatever your reason for moving to Spain – whether it’s the warmer climate, the Mediterranean beaches or the relaxed atmosphere – relocating there will be one of the most significant changes you are ever likely to make. Whilst this brings about a host of opportunities and a complete, and often welcomed, change of lifestyle, the process of moving can also be incredibly stressful.

From saying goodbye to loved ones, to packing and securing all of your belongings, moving abroad can be both time-consuming and emotional. However, with the experts at Britannia Sandersteads on hand, moving abroad doesn’t have to be a tense and hectic experience. Instead, by following our simple guide, you can enjoy a simple, straight-forward removals process, leaving you to focus on enjoying your new life in the sunshine!

Preparing for the move

Any home removal will take a lot of careful preparation, particularly when you are moving to Europe or further afield. Getting ready for your move is a fantastic time to sort through your belongings, only keeping the things you use, love or need.

Anything that has been lingering in a cupboard untouched for years probably doesn’t need to be moved across the world! Our specialist home movers suggest making a plan, tackling each room on a different day. You can then thoroughly sort through your belongings, separating your items into the things you are taking to Spain, the things you can donate to charity and the things which need to be binned.

Not only will this make packing and moving your property simpler and more cost-efficient, but it will also make unpacking and settling in to your new Spanish home much easier!

Packing your belongings

packaging materials

Nobody enjoys packing everything they own into boxes; however, when you are moving it is an essential part of the process. In addition, when you are moving abroad, packing your items safely and securely is vital in order to ensure they survive the move in one piece.

Here at Britannia Sandersteads, we offer a complete packing service, making the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Our experts will supply all the packaging materials required, including boxes, cartons, bubble wrap, furniture bags and upholstery covers. We can then pack everything for you, wrapping each item individually to ensure its safe arrival at your new home in Spain.

Transport and shipping

overseas removals

Transporting your furniture and belongings to Spain needn’t be as stressful as you may imagine. We take care of every aspect of the removals process, here at Britannia Sandersteads, from arranging the shipping to ensuring it is delivered to your new Spanish property safely, securely and on time.

As members of the European Moving Group (EMG) you can rely on our wealth of knowledge and experience and be sure we will make your move to Spain as simple, affordable and straight-forward as possible.

If you are moving to Spain and would like more information about our European removals service, please get in touch with the friendly, professional team at Britannia Sandersteads today. We offer thorough consultations and pre-move surveys, tailoring a removals service to your bespoke requirements and ensuring the process is as stress-free as possible. All you have to do is relax and look forward to your new life in sunny Spain!


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