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Why Move to Australia from the UK? [Infographic]

Why Move to Australia from the UK? [Infographic]

With Brexit just around the corner, many Brits are now considering moving to new pastures. Australia has long been the most popular destination for Brits looking to start a new life overseas, and in 2013 around 43,000 Brits migrated down under. Economic difficulties caused a brief dip in Australia’s popularity for a while, but the country has made a recent comeback, reclaiming its place as one of the most desired places to emigrate to.

So what is it about the land down under that makes it so appealing? In this guide, we’ll be exploring the top reasons why moving to Australia from the UK is worth considering, as well as listing some of the best Australian cities to relocate to.

Relocating to Australia - Removals to Australia

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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Australia

Language: Learning a new language can be both challenging and inconvenient. One benefit of moving to Australia is the lack of language barrier, allowing Brits to integrate better with the locals. This certainly helps when setting up a new life, such as job hunting, doing the weekly shop, and avoiding day-to-day misunderstandings.

Weather: Barbeques on the beach seem like a world away from the rainy climate of the UK, so it’s easy to see why Australia’s sunny weather is a big pull for Brits. Australian cities are amongst the warmest in the world, with blue skies overhead for much of the year. Shorts will definitely be needed, but don’t be stingy with the suncream as temperatures can soar into the mid-40s in the peak of summer.

Culture: Aussies are known for being laidback, chatty and sociable, so don’t be alarmed if strangers strike up a conversation. Generally, Australian culture is not too dissimilar from European culture, so you should begin to feel at home fairly quickly. A shared interest of both Brits and Australians is a fondness for tipple, and locals can often be found enjoying a cool beer on the beach. But be mindful that living alongside modern Australians are the ancient Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal Australians have a history spanning over 60,000 years, so remember to respect this long-established community.

Scenery and nature: Australia is a land full of outstanding natural beauty, all of which is available on your doorstep. With over 500 established national parks, you won’t be short of unspoilt scenery to explore. From serene coastlines to the expansive Outback to the Great Barrier Reef, the sheer variety of landscapes on offer in Australia means there is something for everyone.

Wildlife: Due to the geographical isolation of Australia, numerous species of unique flora and fauna have evolved which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Some may be familiar to you, such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats, Tasmanian devils, dingos, platypuses, emus and freshwater crocodiles. However, if you’re a wildlife buff, there are plenty more intriguing species just waiting for you to discover.

Lifestyle: Due to the favourable weather and low pollution levels, Australians spend lots of time outdoors and leading an active lifestyle. The beach is the lively centre of Australian life, with many locals using their free time to swim, surf and chat around a barbeque. Rather than hibernating indoors, the evenings are often warm enough to be spent socialising outdoors.

Space: Despite its large land size, Australia only has a population of 25 million people, 80% of whom are congregated at the coastlines. Roads and towns are less crowded, and houses are often bigger, airier and more spacious. Australia also boasts miles of traffic-free roads, perfect for taking a road trip or two. As a result, if you move down under you can expect a less populated country, with more space to live, travel and explore.

Education system: Education is highly valued in Australia. Its universities are considered world class and have plenty of spaces available for international students. Not only that, the public school system itself is renowned for being accessible, high achieving and academically excellent.

Security: Low crime rates in Australia have made neighbourhoods relatively safe. The secure nature of this country makes it the perfect place to raise a family, or for lone travellers to go exploring.

Work/Business/Money: Australia enjoys low levels of unemployment and a healthy job market. If you are a skilled labourer (e.g. electrician, plumber) then your arrival may be particularly welcome as these types of skills are in demand in Australia. The wages are also appealing thanks to the economic stability of the country, with the minimum wage set at the equivalent of £10.77 an hour – arguably the highest minimum wage in the world, Australian salaries in general are often higher than in the UK, for example a Mechanic may earn around £23,000 in the UK, but around £32,000 in Australia.

8 best Australian cities to relocate to

According to a 2016 report published by the EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit), three Australian cities have secured places in the top ten most liveable cities in the world, with Melbourne ranking number one in the world. So, what are the best Australian cities to relocate to, and what are some key characteristics of each place?

Sydney: Instantly recognisable, Sydney is Australia’s most densely populated city and a bustling centre of business, culture and entertainment.

Good employment prospects

Higher cost of living

Hot weather

Melbourne: With vibrant nightlife and dining, along with one of the world’s best tram networks, it’s easy to see how Melbourne topped the EIU poll of World’s Most Livable City.

Excellent public transport

World class university institutes.

Changeable weather

Brisbane: The capital of Queensland, and arguably the fastest growing city in Australia, Brisbane also has a relaxed and fun-loving demeanour that makes it an attractive destination.

Subtropical temperatures

Reasonably priced housing

Good transport system

Perth: Located far west, the city of Perth is isolated from the rest of Australia, which can either be appealing or off-putting. A mining boom coupled with a large migrant population has seen Perth grow into a modern, dynamic city.


Affordable living

Fantastic beaches

Adelaide: With inner-city beaches and miles of uninterrupted coastline, the relaxed nature of Adelaide is a big pull for many immigrants. Thriving industries include healthcare, retail, administration and education.

Mediterranean climate

Vineyards and wineries

Good job prospects

Canberra: Despite being one of the smallest cities in the country, Canberra is Australia’s capital, and the political hub of the country. There is a good chance of employment for migrants, and it is also one of the more cost-effective places to live.

Good job prospects

Affordable housing

Easy to navigate

Hobart: Cupped by beautiful mountains, the slow-paced city of Hobart is located on the island of Tasmania and is a welcome breath of fresh air from the intense heat of mainland Australia.

Cool weather

Natural beauty

Haven for sailing

Darwin: If you enjoy heat, the northerly city of Darwin could be for you. In addition to the tropical weather and natural beauty, Darwin has a high indigenous population and is a popular centre of Aboriginal culture.

Tropical climate

Aboriginal culture

Laidback vibe

Relocating to Australia? You’ll need the services of a professional removals company, such as Britannia Sandersteads. Moving overseas may seem daunting, but our experts can transport your belongings to Australia with minimal fuss and maximum convenience. We have over 30 years’ experience in overseas removals, so we have the knowledge to carry out secure packing and moving, with every move covered by full insurance. So if you’re planning to go down under, just get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.




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