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Is Winter the Best Time to Move House?

Is Winter the Best Time to Move House?

There is no doubt moving house requires the utmost organisation and planning. However, there is always one thing that, unfortunately, we cannot control; the weather. Known for it’s unpredictability, the UK weather is one thing that can always get in the way of your move, and especially when you’re moving house in the winter.

So, for those of you planning to move house this winter, let’s take a look at some of the advantages, disadvantages and some general tips from Britannia Sandersteads to help your move go ahead, to plan and on-time!


  • The property market has its quiet season during winter, which means it could potentially be a great time for you to bag a bargain and get a cheap deal!
  • Due to this quiet period, removal companies can be on hand to help you move almost instantly, as they will have fewer jobs to divide their time between.
  • January is the perfect time for bargains on furniture with all the sales!
  • We spend a lot of time indoors during the winter season, so this could be the ideal time to move, as you’ll be spending all your time inside anyway.
  • You can begin the new year in your new home!


  • Bad and unpredictable weather can cause problems with the removals process. Vans can struggle to access properties, especially if you live in a remote area. Loading and unloading vans will also be a much slower process.
  • If the move goes ahead over the Christmas period, it could be rather stressful as it’s a busy time anyway. This can be unsettling for children as they will pick up on your mood, and will need extra reassurance.

Top tips

  • Check you have heat and light in new property. Visit the house the day before the move to carry these checks out, so you aren’t left in a pickle on the day if neither are working! It’s also worth checking if the boiler has been regularly serviced by a trustworthy, Gas Safe company.
  • Salt all the pathways and the driveway that will be used. This will help the removals van in hazardous moving conditions such as snow, ice and rain. If you don’t have salt, sand can work just as well.
  • Draught proof your new home so it’s kept as warm and energy efficient as possible for the winter. It’s well worth investing in double glazing, make sure all walls, roofs and floors are fully insulated and decorating with heavy duty curtains can all help retain as much heat in the rooms as possible.
  • Be prepared to re-schedule the moving date. Although this would be extremely annoying and inconvenient, it is always best to be prepared for this. Try and make yourself as flexible and available as possible, so if the bad weather does come, you can have other options available to you. It’s also worth getting in touch with the removals company you are using to check their policy on re-arranging, then check with the estate agents also.

So now you’re aware of all the things to consider when moving house this winter, you can go ahead and enjoy a stress-free move and get settled into your new home!

For professional removal services throughout Croydon, London and Surrey, please feel free to contact Britannia Sandersteads. With over 50 years’ experience working in removals, we can manage your whole move from beginning to end, taking the stress off your hands.


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