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European Removals: What are the Top European Countries to Move to?

European Removals: What are the Top European Countries to Move to?

Are you looking for a new life? Want to shake things up a bit and experience a new culture? Well, as your leading removals company with experience in relocating many families and businesses throughout various European destinations, we’ve come up with the top 5 European countries to move to so you can start living your dream…

1) France

Home to stunning scenery, whether it’s the inner city sights or the greenery of the countryside, France will not fail to amaze you. Depending on your tolerance to the heat, you can choose a north coast location for cooler temperatures, or the south for a much warmer, Mediterranean climate.

With labour laws giving you more time away from work, you have the chance to spend valuable time with friends and family, and get to know the local wines, charcuterie, cheeses – not forgetting the finest chocolate and pastries!

2) Spain

You can wave goodbye to the colder climates of England and welcome the warmer climates of sunny Spain, where you can stay warm all year round.  Whether you choose a southern or northern region to settle down in, you can fully embrace the Spaniards’ laid back ethos and kick back and take advantage of the slower pace of life. Take time to experience the tasty, flavoursome Tapas and you’ll soon find yourself forgetting about your hectic days back in England.

3) Netherlands

The Netherlands is a hugely multicultural country that is known for its liberalism, welcoming all walks of life. Yet despite this, it still maintains its rich cultural heritage of a country reclaimed from the sea.

The Netherlands strives for an egalitarian society, whereby everyone is treated as equals, and there is certainly an air of living life to its fullest. With a national colour of bright orange, they appear to look for any excuse for a public celebration, which is particularly noticeable in the summertime with numerous free music festivals to take your pick from!

With a 30% tax free allowance for those expats moving to the country, this can seem an attractive choice to resettle. However, this is mainly for those who hold a certain skill or expertise that is rare in the Netherlands.

4) Germany

With its strong economy and high wages, Germany certainly looks an attractive place for an expat looking to resettle. Germany sports many great city locations, from its capital, Berlin, to Frankfurt and Dusseldorf – the fashion and shopping capital – all showcasing famous architecture, such as opera houses and cathedrals. And with some of the best schools and hospitals across Europe, Germany could be considered a great move for all the family.

5) Switzerland  

A life in Switzerland can be lived in tranquillity and peace. With stunning scenery there is an active outdoor culture ideal for families, where you can swim in the lakes, take bike rides or go hiking in the mountains. And if you’re not the active type, with breath-taking surrounds like the Alps and Lake Zurich, you could sit back and take it all in.

Switzerland recently came first in the 2013 Quality of Life index for its health, wealth and faith in public institutions. But despite its expensive cost of living, the Swiss are hardworking, and overtime is not encouraged above taking time off, so people can be productive when at work. This, coupled with its low crime rates, reliability and peacefulness gives Switzerland all the qualities to offer you the ultimate lifestyle.

So, now you know the top 5 destinations in Europe where you can live out your expat days and begin to live your dream!

Britannia Sandersteads

If you’re in the midst of planning a relocation to Europe, or you’re simply toying with the idea but aren’t sure of what exactly is involved in the move, then please feel free to get in touch with us here at Britannia Sandersteads. We have copious experience in European removals, including removals to France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.


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