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Effect of Brexit on international removals companies

Effect of Brexit on international removals companies

The impact of Brexit is already being felt in many industries, and the international removals industry is no exception. Though the consequences of Brexit are ultimately uncertain and difficult to predict, some guesses can be made regarding its potential effects. Already the removals industry has felt positive and negative impacts of the decision to leave the EU, which will undoubtedly grow and change in the future. In this article, Britannia Sandersteads will be exploring the main effect of Brexit on international removals companies.

Property market impact

Removals companies in the UK may find themselves caught in a domino effect, resulting from the Brexit impact on the property market. Estate Agent Today reported that from a survey of 1200 people buying and selling homes, 13 per cent have cancelled their move to the EU following the Brexit leave vote. With people less able to buy homes due to decreased economic stability, the demand for the services of removals company may be be put into jeopardy, causing loss of business and a decrease in income.


The trading agreements between Britain and the EU have been very helpful to all countries involved, and have allowed a free tariff trading agreement for removals companies when moving clients to and from European countries. With the triggering of Brexit, new agreements will have to be negotiated which may result in tariffs that are not favourable for removals companies when delivering their services to Europe.

Sandersteads Removals - Effect of Brexit on international removals companies

Free movement

The smooth operation of Britain’s removals companies relies on free movement across Europe, which will become more difficult after Brexit. More paperwork and checks may have to be completed before removals vehicles are allowed across borders, which could delay proceedings and cost companies more time, money and complications. This may then also impact the decision of UK nationals already living in the EU – if they wish to move back to the UK, they may be more inclined to hire the services of a European company to avoid these complications. This may increase competition for business between British removals companies and European removals companies.

Workforce changes

The EU has resulted in a free transfer of labour amongst EU countries, meaning that British companies have benefited from a skilled European workforce. This option will not be as easily obtainable for UK businesses, removals companies included. On the plus side, this may result in more unemployed British nationals being able to take advantage of these new job opportunities.

More people moving

One positive impact of Brexit on the health of the removals industry could potentially be the increase in British citizens wanting to move abroad, therefore resulting in a slight boost in business for removals companies. Also, EU nationals currently residing in Britain may be wondering now whether they will be allowed to remain in the UK, or if they will need to move back to Europe. This possible mass-migration may result in more work for removals companies in the future.

Who voted for Brexit?

EU referendum results – The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union by 52% to 48%. Both England and Wales voted to leave the EU with the majority of votes, while all of the council’s in Scotland voted to Remain in the EU by the majority.

Graphic of the Brexit Results for thr UK

Brexit Graphic England Leave Stats

Brexit Graphics for Kensington & Chelsea

Brexit leave Graphics - Richmond Upon Thames

Brexit leave Graphics - Kingston Upon Thames

Brexit leave Graphics - Wandsworth

Brexit leave Graphics - Lambeth

Brexit leave Graphics - Elmbridge

Brexit Graphic - Elmbridge

Brexit Graphics - Runnymead

Brexit Graphics - Woking

Brexit Graphics - Surrey Heath

Brexit Graphics - Sevenoaks

Brexit Graphics - Northern Ireland

Brexit Graphics - Wales

Brexit Graphics - Scotland


Brighter future

A big argument of the Leave campaign was that after a few rough years, there should be an eventual boost to the economic stability of the country. Therefore, ultimately, businesses and citizens may come to benefit from Brexit once the country has recalibrated itself.

The primary thing to remember is that there is a strong element of unpredictability surrounding Brexit. Nobody knows for certain how the future will pan out or what the eventual impacts and benefits of will be – only time will tell.

Catch up with us next month when we will be exploring this issue further by covering what Brexit means for EU citizens in the UK.

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