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Do You Need Self Storage Insurance?

Do You Need Self Storage Insurance?


Accidents are extremely rare and when your belongings are with us, we will always do our utmost to keep them safe. However, for an extra layer of protection, when you leave your items in a self-storage facility it is important to have adequate insurance cover arranged. Be it for household or domestic goods, many storage companies cannot offer insurance to individual customers as part of their service. A storage business has insurance for their buildings, but this does not extend to its contents. Therefore it is worth establishing whether your possessions are covered before leaving them at a facility.

Fire and flood are unpredictable hazards which are faced by homes and also storage establishments, but by choosing a robust insurance policy you can protect yourself against financial losses. When you have a policy in place it is vital to renew it when necessary, don’t allow your insurance to become invalid after a year and risk losing your possessions.

Find a bespoke policy to suit your needs

People leave their personal possessions in a self-storage unit for all kinds of reasons, you might be a tradesman wanting to secure your tools, a person who is working abroad and renting out your home or a collector. Whatever your unit contains, the insurance details will be different. If you take out a policy which is specifically designed for your goods, you will not be paying out more than necessary. Specialist insurance may also provide extras, like cover for your items while they are in transit to, or from, the facility or damage caused by vermin when they are in situ.

What about home and contents cover

Home and contents insurance comes in many different levels of coverage, but it is often the case that when your possessions are outside of your property they are not protected. Therefore, for peace of mind it makes sense to pay for an insurance product designed for self storage.

Your goods will always be kept in a secure environment, but units are not vaults nor are they impervious to water damage. Therefore breakages may occur or your unit may be affected by leaking water from a neighbour, if their fridge or freezer has not been correctly defrosted for example. Similarly if water leaks from one of your items and affects another unit, you may be liable for the costs incurred.

Choose a company that shows flexibility

Not all insurance companies which provide cover for items kept in a storage facility are prepared to be flexible in their approach, but for customers this is an important factor. You may need cover to start from a future date, or to occasionally increase or decrease the value of your insured goods. Many people use storage when they are moving home and getting organised. This takes time and may even stretch out over a couple of years, therefore a policy which can be adapted to your changing circumstances is beneficial.

Store with Britannia Sandersteads

If you are looking for a safe and secure location to store some of your possessions for any length of time, get in touch with us here at Britannia Sandersteads. Operating throughout Croydon, London and Surrey, we have been looking after our customer’s personal items for over 50 years and have a wealth of expertise behind us. Let us help you arrange your removals and storage at the same time, or simply safeguard the goods you cannot keep at home. Just get in touch for more information about our reliable and professional service, we look forward to hearing from you.



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