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The Cheapest Places in the World to Move to In 2017

The Cheapest Places in the World to Move to In 2017

Soaring house prices, increasing living costs, uncertain economic and political future; these factors have motivated Brits to look at beginning a new life in a country with a cheaper cost of living. Many places around the world boast a more affordable way of life that British expats can benefit from – places where you can get more for your money and experience a new way of living and working. In this guide, we’ll be covering a few choices you may not have considered, helping you review your options before taking the plunge.

Cheapest Places in the World to Move to In 2017 | Britannia Sandersteads


Cost of Living:  50.40% lower than UK                       

Rent:  71.06% lower than UK

Mexico is the less expensive neighbour of the USA, and has always been a popular retirement destination for Americans. Its capital, Mexico City, is a thriving centre of business in Latin America, and if you have a bit of extra cash to spend, this developing country has plenty of opportunities for investment. Indeed, starting your own business is one of the easier areas of work to enter into as an expat to Mexico. Obtaining residency is also quite a straightforward process, as long as you have some desirable skills.

Mexico’s landscapes are diverse and beautiful, with plenty of culture and history to immerse yourself in. Mexicans themselves are relaxed, friendly, and used to dwelling alongside foreigners, which should make your adjustment as an expat much easier. Other cheap Latin American countries for UK expats to move to include Nicaragua, Ecuador and Colombia.



Cost of Living: 47.12% lower than UK                        

Rent: 72.54% lower than UK

Expats are drawn to Bulgaria mainly because of the low housing prices. Low cost of living is a trend that continues throughout Bulgaria, from groceries to utilities. As a result, many Bulgarian towns and cities have a small, but established, expat community. Other attractions include ski resorts, beautiful countryside, welcoming people and friendly neighbours. Bigger settlements are also kitted out with modern amenities, such as cinemas, hospitals, schools, and shopping centres, making Bulgarian living easy to adjust to for Brits. Historically it’s been a simple process to become a Bulgarian citizen, but it is unknown how Brexit will affect the process in the future.



Cost of Living: 44.44% lower than UK                  

Rent: 55.56% lower than UK

Despite its troubled past and high poverty levels, Vietnam is a safe and culturally fascinating country where expats can experience true East Asian living. The country is a melting pot of over 50 different ethnicities and is divided into 58 provinces. It is also a place that is slowly developing and improving its stability as a nation, granting expats the opportunity to be part of this new growth; the easiest jobs for expats to obtain are with NGOs, schools and computer companies. Other benefits of Vietnam include warm weather, a rich culture and cheap cost of living. One note to bear in mind is the need to secure a Vietnamese driving license before arrival, if you wish to drive or rent a car.


South Africa

Cost of Living: 37.01% lower than UK                    

Rent: 47.47% lower than UK

A diverse blend of African and European cultures, South Africa is a nation where many westerners can feel at home whilst still experiencing a warm climate and a touch of the exotic. It also happens to be one of the cheapest countries in the world to live, while still achieving a high standard of living. Cape Town is South Africa’s most popular city and boasts a laidback and liberal vibe, complete with vibrant nightlife, stunning natural beauty and numerous opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Just a short drive from the mostly cosmopolitan cities are breathtaking landscapes filled with nature reserves, forests, winelands, and beaches.



Cost of Living: 62.99% lower than UK                                                         

Rent:  79.43% lower than UK

Colourful, dynamic, lively; India’s reputation as one of the world’s most magical countries precedes itself. And whilst it attracts thousands of visitors annually, it also has merits as a place to settle permanently. The expat community of India is relatively small, but is slowly growing in number as career people and spiritual seekers alike have chosen to call it home.

A big attraction is the scope and diversity of the country; almost one fifth of the planet’s population resides in India, comprising a huge variety of ethnic and religious groups, all of whom have influenced the local history and culture. Another draw is the high standard of living that can be secured for relatively little expense, even within the cities, meaning that many expats can live very comfortably. Foreigners will get by easily speaking English, which is an official language in India so that no effort is required in this sense by Brits who move to India.

Cheapest Places in the World to Move to In 2017 | Britannia Sandersteads

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