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Can moving house mid-week save you money?

Can moving house mid-week save you money?


If you’re in the middle of planning to move house, you will doubt be doing everything in your power to help the move go ahead as smoothly as possible. A big part of ensuring this happens, is choosing the right time to move. But when is the right time?

Well, most people tend to move over the weekend (Friday , Saturday, Sunday), largely due to the fact they aren’t at work so it is the most convenient time to schedule a move. However, with this convenience comes a price (quite literally), so let’s take a look at the best time to move, so you can save money and benefit in many other ways too!


What are the main benefits of moving mid-week?

So, we’ve already mentioned that you can save money by opting to move house Monday to Thursday, but how else can you benefit from a mid-week move?

– Moving at off peak times leaves you open to more resources e.g. packing supplies, moving staff and vehicles are more readily available.

– Most people are at work so the roads will be quiet, allowing you to make as many trips back and forth as smoothly as possible.

– Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days of the week to move as most moving companies have less bookings during these days.

– Generally sets you up for a far smoother, more stress-free move.

Not only is it more beneficial to move mid-week, but there are also other things to consider prior to your moving date:

– If you already have a property and are therefore moving and selling at the same time, your move will only happen Monday to Friday, as banks and solicitors are closed at the weekend.

– If you are renting then you will have more scope to move whenever suits you best. This is because paperwork can be done midweek and not all rental agreements will dovetail so can overlap.

Friday of every week is the busiest day as people prefer to have the weekend to unpack and settle into their new home.

– Peak season is during the 8 weeks of school summer holidays as people relocating can move in time for school starting again in the September. Moving during this peak time does mean you will encounter peak season charges.

– School half terms and Bank holidays are also extremely busy times to move.

– Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays can be done but extra charges will apply for staff working these days.

When choosing and booking in a removals team to help execute a smooth move, remember to consider all of the above information, so you end up moving at a time that suits you best!


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