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Can you move your garden when you move house?

Can you move your garden when you move house?

istock_000007246843_fullIf you are a keen gardener who has invested a lot of time and energy into your own little green paradise, the idea of moving house and leaving it all behind may well feel heartbreaking. What are your rights in regards to taking your favourite plants with you when you move house and when is the best time to move house if your garden is just as important as your new home? We find out…


Everything in your garden is classified as a ‘fixture’, so it would be unwise to dig up and take any plants with you without agreement from your buyers. Plants, shrubs and trees can be very expensive or have great emotional significance to you, whether the plants were a treasured gift or mark a meaningful event, and it isn’t unreasonable to have a conversation with your buyers about what you could take with you. It doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker, but to know in advance what your plans are will be helpful as you negotiate terms with your buyers.

When is the best time for a gardener to move house?

Assuming your buyers are happy with what you propose, winter (dormant season is October – February) is the best time to move house if you are looking to take plants with you as it can be fatal to move and disturb plants when they are in their growing season.

How can you move your garden?

If you cannot bear to leave your favourite plants behind and have agreed with your buyers that they are happy to take them with you, there are a few things you may want to consider doing to keep your favourite blooms in good condition whilst in transit.

Our top tips for moving your garden:

Investigate your new garden’s microclimateThe Royal Horticultural Society has great advice on the aspects you might want to consider, it would be very disappointing to go to the effort of moving your favourite plants to find that they are unlikely to thrive in your new garden.

Take cuttings of your favourite plants – It would be prudent to take cuttings of your favourite plants well in advance of your move in case your buyers would prefer you leave your garden as it is or in case of a mishap during the move so all is not lost.

Plan ahead – your focus on moving day will be on ensuring all the possessions in your home are safely moved first and your plants may become an afterthought. If you have a dry area to move them to like a garage or a shed, a week before you move house have them potted up and dry ready for the move.

Protect your plants from frost – if you are moving in winter then it is likely the soil may be frozen and this could be detrimental to your plants. There are many ways you can protect your plants, such as wrapping the roots in bubble wrap or newspaper whilst you wait for the warmer weather.

Talk to your removal company – if you are moving particularly big plants, shrubs or trees then your removals company may not be able to transport them to your new home. They may be able to recommend an alternative solution such as hiring a landscape gardener to transport your plants.

For stress-free moving solutions, contact professional removals company Britannia Sandersteads to find out how we can help you on your moving day.


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