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10 best packing tips for removals

10 best packing tips for removals

Packing up your entire home for a move can seem like a gargantuan task. What’s more, few people will have much experience in this area to benefit from. For this reason, the professionals at Britannia Sandersteads have put together some top tips to make the process less daunting. Follow this advice and you’ll be packing like a pro.

1) Have a clear out

Quite simply, the less stuff you have to pack, the quicker and easier it will be. This is an ideal time to have a clear out. Donate, recycle or throw away belongings which you no longer use, need or are broken.

Where possible, throw away liquids and dispose of hazardous materials in a responsible manner. These items are risky to transport and often it’s easier and safer to buy new products at your new home instead of transporting already open bottles. Many removals companies will require prior warning if you intend to move hazardous substances, for example paint, bleach and pesticides.  

2) Start early

The further in advance you start packing, or at least think about your plan of action, the easier the job will be. If you have sufficient time to organise, dismantle and pack everything without rushing, you can guarantee the experience will be a lot less stressful.

3) Get packing materials in advance

Make sure you have all the packing materials you will need to hand before you begin. This will mean calculating how many boxes you are going to need – most people underestimate how much stuff they have so it’s always best to be generous with your approximation. Make sure you have a variety of box sizes and that all are sturdy, clean and that you reinforce them with packing tape before use. Plenty of packing tape, packing paper and bubble wrap will be required.

4) Start with rooms you use least

When it comes to beginning the pack, start with the rooms you use least and work your way to the most frequented rooms of your home. This order should save you packing away things which you will likely need before you’ve relocated. The attic is a prime space to pack up first, with rooms like the study or spare bedrooms not far behind.

5) Pack one room at a time

If you focus on packing one room at a time, you can segment packing your home into easier to manage tasks. This can add welcome methodology to such a large job. It will also help you organise and transport your boxes by room, making the unloading process easier.

6) Clearly label boxes

Although this may seem like common sense, clearly labelling your boxes can save a lot of time and stress later on. What’s more, ensuring boxes with breakables in are clearly marked can ensure they are handled with the necessary care. For these reasons, labelling your boxes is highly recommended, detailing information such as designated room, contents, which way is up and if it contains breakables.

7) Heavy items in smaller boxes

Heavy items should be put into smaller boxes to ensure that all boxes are still easily lifted. These boxes can also then be stacked first at the bottom of moving trucks. Some heavy items can be distributed between boxes, placing them in the bottom with lighter items on top.

8) Wrap breakables carefully

Due care and attention should be given to packing any of your items which are breakable or valuable. The worry over whether your items will arrive at your new home in good condition is often one of the most stress-inducing parts of a move, but with good packing you needn’t fear.

For breakables, pick a box that won’t leave you with much empty space after you’ve finished loading your items to ensure minimal movement in transit. Line your chosen box with packing paper. Wrap your breakables individually in packing paper – not newspaper which can be dirty – and/or bubble wrap to ensure they are adequately protected, and tape this in place. When your items are packed, stuff in extra packing paper for padding, seal the box securely and label appropriately. Cushions, towels, blankets and linens can also provide good protection for larger items.

9) Keep essentials with you

Pack necessities and important items – passports, birth certificates, etc – in a bag or box to take with you in the car. These are things that you will want immediately upon arrival or on the first day in your new home without having to rummage through boxes and unpack. Include things like an overnight bag, toiletries, medication, snacks and a first aid kit.

10) Insurance

Before the move, you should check that your contents insurance covers your belongings during a move. Accidents happen and relocating isn’t always a smooth ride so ensuring your items are definitely covered can give you welcome peace of mind.


Britannia Sandersteads provides a professional removals service which can help you have smooth, stress-free move. Our experienced team can provide expert help for domestic, commercial and international relocations. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, you can rest assured you are choosing a reliable and reputable moving company with Britannia Sandersteads. Contact our team today to discuss your move – we serve customers across London, Croydon, Surrey, Kingston upon Thames and Epsom.



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